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Wicked Partners with Manwin

2011 AVN award nominated industry powerhouse Wicked Pictures is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Manwin that will see the noted leader in web design, hosting, SEO and web 2.0 services managing the company’s pay websites. The agreement, which went into effect December 1st, will also see Manwin revamping and relaunching 

Founded by Steve Orenstein in 1993, Wicked Pictures has established itself as one of the most successful and critically acclaimed production companies in the adult genre. Since the 2000 AVN Awards Show, major accolades have gone to such movies as Double Feature, Euphoria, Breathless, Beautiful, Fluff & Fold, Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre, Manhunters, Operation Desert Stormy, Fallen and 2040. And AVN’s coveted acting awards have been won by the company’s elite Wicked Girls for eight consecutive years, the longest record of its kind to be held by a single company in adult film history.

Given his company’s storied track record and rich archive of celebrated erotica, Orenstein looks forward to seeing Wicked Pictures’ commercial websites operating under the Manwin banner, observing, “We couldn’t have found a better partner when it comes to running our pay sites. Manwin is a leader in Internet space and we expect to do great things together.”
For his part, Avi Bitton, Wicked’s Chief Technology Officer, shares Orenstein’s enthusiasm for the relationship’s potential. “2010 was a year of planning for the next ten years. Our relationship with Manwin grew naturally out of aligned interests. We worked together on anti-piracy efforts and sent each other some traffic. And then it just clicked for both of us: We needed the best online platform, and they needed the best quality product.” Tony Bastone is the new Online Product Manager and point of contact for Wicked.Com, and he can be reached at [email protected]

In a prepared statement, Manwin Managing Partner Fabian Thylmann revealed, “This is a long term partnership that we are happy to invest in. Wicked has incredible content and is indisputably an industry leader. Allowing Manwin control over online management will only take their websites to the next level.”

This exciting management agreement applies to the company’s commercial websites. All other aspects of Wicked Pictures’ business will remain under Wicked Pictures’ control. For Wicked’s Bitton, this new arrangement is the right move at the right time. “This deal feels right, because it’s based on mutual trust, respect and appreciation. 2011 will be a Wicked year!” 

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