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Wicked Pictures Release Party – Blog, Pics – Operation Desert Stormy

Ivan blogs:

My boy and our PR guy Mike Moz made it possible for us to get into the release party for Wicked Pictures’ Operation Desert Stormy. As the Anabolic crew we were going to walk the red carpet and do all that fancy stuff. One big problem! NO SHORTS! Yeah yeah, the last time I wore shorts was over a year ago for my uncle’s funeral. I scrounged up my pants and had to buy a fancy shpancy shirt and make a new IamIVAN hat to match. The day was going to be packed with things to do. In the morning I went to a plastic surgeon with a couple of ladies. It was pretty surreal seeing the talk, the consultation and some of the botox injections. I was like in a weird movie, Boogie Nights #2 or something.

After surreal moment number one, Ken Dark and I met Carly Parker at the Topanga Mall for food and some shopping. I needed a new shirt and to make a matching hat while Carly wanted us to help her find a nice dress for the party. My brother joined us after we ate and we quickly ventured out to go porno party shopping. I placed an order for my hat and bought a matching shirt. Then we went to get Carly something. She wasn’t sure about the black dress but to us guys it was perfect, it accentuated her BIG BOOBS! and her great body. While in the store, Carly tried the dress on and yelled out, “Is this Slutty enough!?” Um yeah it was.

She went to get ready and we went to Hot Dog on a stick. I have never had one of those and instantly fell in love. For the party it was just Ken and I. The plan was to meet up with Mike Moz at the Red Carpet then with Carly and her girlies inside. At the red carpet, Mike had me introduced as the Superstar Director from Anabolic. Um, I guess that’s all correct he just forgot to mention I was handsome and SINGLE! Dropping the ball, Mike dropping the ball.

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