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WICKED SENSUAL CARE Shines a Retail Employee Spotlight On HEATHER of GALAXY TRADING in Woodstock, Georgia

2022 AVN Best Enhancement Manufacturer Wicked Sensual Care is shining its Retail Employee Spotlight on Heather Kitty McAnally of Woodstock, Georgia’s Galaxy Trading. Located at 9820 Hwy 92, this popular retailer currently has over 150 4.8 (out of 5) star reviews on Google.

For Heather, a life in academia was the catalyst for a successful career in adult retail. “When I was in school, I studied economic anthropology with an emphasis on the industries that are sex-adjacent. Industries that support sexual health, for instance, are a big part of that. And I noticed in my studies that sexual health is often treated as some big secret across alot of cultures and time periods. After I graduated from the University of West Georgia, I found that Starship/Galaxy Trading was a shopping environment that demystified those secrets for people.”

Soon after beginning her retail career at Galaxy Trading in Woodstock, Heather had an inspiring encounter with Wicked Sensual Care’s Brand Strategist and Resident Sex Educator, jessica drake. “In my first year of working at Galaxy, jessica drake met with us for education, and she pointed out that just by working where we work, we become sex therapists for some people. At Starship, what we’re doing is bigger than simply adult retail. It’s providing people with information that has been kept secret historically: how to be happy and healthy and comfortable with who you are.”

One of Heather’s ongoing concerns is helping her customers learn how to best express their personal wants and needs. “Kink is my specialty, and just like sexual health, consent and communication are so important, yet some people don’t really get the proper education or good advice about it. My favorite question is, “‘I’m not sure my partner will be into the same thing I’m into. How do I talk to them about it?”

Despite the wealth of knowledge she brings to her career in the retail space, Heather is still a student at heart. “My favorite part of my job is learning new things, which luckily happens every day! There’s always something to research, another new toy to try, or new gels and creams!”

“People like Heather excel because they know the most valuable resource you can give customers is your time and expertise,” observes Wicked Sensual Care Sales Director Jennifer Brice. “We see and appreciate all you do, Heather. Thank you so much for contributing in such a positive way to our industry.”

Decide who you want to be, and be that person on purpose,” Heather offers to those considering a career in adult retail. “The older you get, the more you’ll realize no one seems to care about appearances or proclivities as long as you’re open and honest. If you’re a person who’s safe to talk to without judgment, people will treat you the same way!”

Those working in the retail sector of the pleasure products space are invited to nominate employees and colleagues who continuously exceed expectations and deserve recognition for their ability to position themselves as product and industry experts. A superstar may be nominated by sending their name, store name, location/city, store social media handles, and a brief paragraph about why they deserve to be a superstar (photograph optional) to [email protected]. Superstars may also self-nominate. Like Heather, the next Retail Superstar will be profiled in Wicked Sensual Care’s monthly newsletter.

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