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Will Holly Randall Put On A Show At The FAME Awards?

Last year the most entertaining part of the Temptation Awards was a wasted Holly Randall.

HollyRandall: you going to the FAME Awards?
Luke: maybe, you?
Luke: don’t stop believing
Luke: hold on to that feeling
HollyRandall: oh boy
HollyRandall: yes i am going
HollyRandall: i’m actually showing up at an adult function
HollyRandall: and then disappearing soon after
Luke: r u going to put on a show again?
HollyRandall: hell no
HollyRandall: i’m going to be very discreet
HollyRandall: you’ll hardly know i was there
Luke: have you seen You, Me And DuPree
Luke: I am DuPree
HollyRandall: yes i have
HollyRandall: DuPree looks better in leopard underwear
Luke: better than me?
HollyRandall: yes
Luke: I don’t see it
HollyRandall: did you watch our piece on the Insider yesterday?
Luke: no
HollyRandall: sheesh, some journalist you are
HollyRandall: are you watching our show tonight?
Luke: never heard of the WE channel
Luke: sounds like it is for wankers
HollyRandall: it’s the women’s channel
Luke: ’nuff said
HollyRandall: i’d never heard of it before either, until they did a piece on us h
HollyRandall: you like chick flicks
HollyRandall: i’m surprised you’re not a regular watcher

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