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Will Ryder- Misses Stage Time, Xbiz Trophy Stolen

Will says “Hey, This isn’t MY trophy! But I’ll pose with it anyway.”

Director Will Ryder best known for turning old TV shows into porn comedy gold was honored to receive the XBiz 2009 Director of the Year –Individual Project award for his blockbuster sex comedy Not Bewitched XXX at a packed ceremony in Hollywood but must have felt he was starring in somebody elses sitcom when he unfortunately missed out on receiving the prize and hearing his name announced.
Nestled up against the bar in an adjacent room of the sprawling Boulevard 3 nightclub, Ryder was busy ordering a round of drinks and chatting up some female talent when he was informed that the award was just presented and he was a no-show on stage.  “Are you serious?” he exclaimed.  “I won?  Holy shit I never thought I even stood a remote chance to win because of that pirate movie so I was busy getting another beer and some drinks for the ladies… or at least I think they were ladies,” he said. “Wow, now I know what James Deen felt like in Vegas,” he remarked in reference to the male performer’s failure to get on stage to accept an AVN Award earlier this year.  
In fact, Ryder not only missed out on the experience of accepting the coveted award onstage but also missed out on taking the shiny glass trophy home because someone apparently stole it before XBiz staffers could place it in his hands.
“I was told that the trophy might have been stolen from the backstage area which meant I would not be able to carry it around the club showing it off to friends, co-workers and a bunch of internet dudes that I have no idea who they are.   I think a big award trophy like this would have surely helped me pick up on one of the new girls in the business,” he said.  “This might have been that slight edge I needed to be just like Eric Everhard, Tommy Gunn or Nick Manning if only for a night”.
XBiz has stated that it is sending a new trophy to Will Ryder to replace the lost award and the director of Not the Bradys XXX and Not Bewitched XXX and other hilarious sitcums including the soon to be released Not Three’s Company XXX is pleased but doubts if it will help him with the opposite sex.
“That’s very gracious of XBiz and I really appreciate them sending a new one but the trophy will be proudly put on display in our office because I really don’t think it would look right bringing that puppy to one of Porno Dan’s parties as that might seem a bit odd,” he lamented with a wink and a smile.
Belladonna won the other Director of the Year award from XBiz for Body of Work causing Ryder to remark, “She does have a rather nice body doesn’t she?”
With X-Play and Hustler Video releasing Not Three’s Company XXX on DVD March 4th  Ryder looks towards the future with an eye on TV’s past.
“Not Bewitched XXX has turned out to be as good a porn movie as we thought it was.  Everybody seems to love it and it won the AVN Award for Best Comedy and now I win XBiz Director of the Year- Individual Project which is really special.   What could be better than this?  I think my company can continue to create blockbuster top-selling sex comedies unless something really crazy happens like nuclear disaster or companies start giving away large amounts of free porn online but I doubt if that would ever happen because I think we all learned a valuable lesson from watching the music industry go up in flames.”  
Not Bewitched XXX on DVD and Blu Ray is available from Adam & Eve Pictures/X-Play.  Not Three’s Company XXX will be in stores March 4th.
Check out all of X-Play and Will Ryder’s award-winning sitcums at

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