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Will Taryn Thomas Return?

Dirty Doug writes on ADT:

Whatever happened to the big comeback of Taryn? How many scenes have you performed in since your annoucement earlier this year?

Are you back in business, or dare I ask, is the Body Miracle thing a better deal?

Are you going to pull a Tiffany Rayne / Melissa Lauren & leave porn after the boob job? Please don’t get our hopes up with the sight of new jugs only to forsake them on camera.

Taryn Thomas responds:

I am still going to have a great comeback. But I want to make sure I am in perfect CONDITION physically before I start performing on screen again. If you read above you would know what is going on so I advise you to do so.

Another thing that is posted above. I am having my boobs done OCT 29th. I do not plan to disappear after my surgery. Why would I? As for the two girls you mentioned above. Melissa Lauren is contracted to Marc Dorcel (a Euro Company) and Tiffany Rayne quit for her boyfriend. So I suggest you get your facts straight before you post.

As for the Body Miracle thing. I have no comment on that. But as I said before and will say again. How I spend my time off camera is no ones business PLAN AND SIMPLE. So if you were trying to get a rise out of me. Good try, buddy…

Like the rest of us, Taryn can be a bit phony, but she’s a nice phony and she spells and punctuates correctly. She’s fun to be around. I’d rather read her posts than those of almost all other porn stars. She’s got a brain in her head. God should bless her in all of her legitimate endeavors.

Taryn writes on ADT: “I do not know Shelly Lubben, nor do I wish to meet her or know her ever in my life. This lady emailed me out of the blue. I feel is making false statements about myself now, and has been about the industry for a long time. She just needs to give it a rest. End of story. I am 100% for porn till the day I go to heaven.”

Here is Taryn’s blog. Does any porn star have a better one?

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