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Wind-Up-Toy-Cum- Presidential -Candidate #DonaldTrump Finally Gets One Right!

Donald Trump finally gets one right! Earlier today, our favorite loquacious gasbag snatched the spotlight to wax-nostalgic about the Republican National Convention that transpired a mere hours prior. In addition to the self-adulation and garden-variety buffoonery we have come to expect, the Republican Presidential Candidate shocked his supporters stating, “GQ Magazine is not exactly Penthouse.”

In a statement of her own, Kelly Holland, CEO of Penthouse Global Media Inc., agreed with Donald reflecting, “He absolutely nailed it. GQ Magazine is not exactly Penthouse.” She went on to say, “I am thrilled that Mr. Trump is so familiar with our offering.”

Trump is no stranger to Penthouse Magazine, as controversy stills swirls around his alleged romantic relationship with Penthouse Pets Sandra Taylor and Victoria Zdrok.

GQ Magazine could not be reached for comment.

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