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Woman Stops Traffic With Public Masturbation

Woman Stops Traffic With Masturbation

I want you to take a moment to imagine something. Imagine that life is good, the weather is warm, you have your significant other in the seat beside you and you’re cruising in your Lexus driving down Formosa Avenue in sunny Orlando, Florida. It’s an average Sunday night.  All of a sudden you see a naked woman in the middle of a street! On top of that, she’s not just naked she’s going ham and brushing the beaver. That’s right she’s masturbating right in the middle of the street, but the action doesn’t stop there!  The view gets more intense as she climbs up onto the hood of your freshly waxed Lexus and continues to finger herself.

No, this isn’t any sort of twisted erotica or the result of a slow day around our offices. The actions described above actually happened. A woman from Orlanda, Florida named Annie Carter was recently arrested for public masturbation and did the dirty deed in a very in-your-face kinda’ way. After a couple in their car spotted her naked, she proceeded to climb onto the hood of their Lexus and stomp around resulting in $1,500 worth of damage. That’s considerable damage, we need to ask was she squiring all over the place too? On top of that, she also threw her cell phone at a car stopped just behind the Lexus sh was using for a stripper stage!

After some time had passed ( haha no one was in a big hurry to stop her it seems) a passerby called the police and Annie Carter was resisting arrest. Local police arrived on the scene and slapped her with charges of criminal mischief and exposing her sexual organs.

Of course, the main questions asked if why anybody in their right mind would do something like that. The answer? Annie Carter was not in her right mind and was said to be drugged out at the time. It doesn’t specify which drugs she was allegedly on.

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