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Womanizer retains Top Patent Attorney

EPI24 USA LLC has retained the services of the internationally renowned intellectual property law firm Osha Liang LLP to protect its

Frank Alde, chief executive officer of the U.S. based subsidiary of parent Epi24 GmbH, states, “Osha Liang LLP has been brought on to
enforce and protect Epi24’s rights in the US.” Alde added, ”There are several low-quality knock-offs on the market attempting to copy the Womanizer’s amazing PleasureAir™ technology. Some of the knock-off manufacturers have already received legal judgments against them outside the United States.the-womanizer-principle-image-300x181-copy

We’re looking to Osha Liang to help us to protect the public and ensure that retailers can offer legitimate products to their customers.”

With offices around the world, the Houston-based firm is a global leader in international patent law and has gained national prominence from its successful litigation practice on behalf of others in the industry, including Standard Innovation in the recently resolved patent dispute with Lelo. More information is available at

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