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Women beater Jessy Jones Calls Out Elsa Jean, Markus Dupree, Ramon Nomar, Steve Holmes and Brad Armstrong

I think by now we’ve figured out Jessy Jones is the definition of BITCH. This is the guy who’s been accused of beating chicks more than once, but according to Jessy, every single one of them is lying

He’s pretty much burned every bridge, and been fired from every gig. His reputation is so bad, that at one point, most of the agents discussed blacklisting him completely, which would cut off 75% of the talent pool from the one movie he directs a month.

Jessy spends most of his day trying to be like his hero Todd.
Jessy Jones


While Beavis and Butthead aka Brian and Billy Boston tell him how cool he is

When he’s not beating up chicks or shooting low budget porno for Wyatt over at Smash, he’s trying to convince his fan to shoot me with a shotgun.

Basically what I’m saying is he’s a coward and the only way he can lash out, is by way of a fake Twitter…

This particular account has been around for years, it only pops up to defend Jessy. Outside of Jessy’s man crush Xander, the account only attacks other male performers, or women who have called Jessy out in the past.

Below are a few of the tweets:

Jesse seems bitter.


Elsa Jean will make more money while I’m writing this post, then you will all month. You must really be jealous.



Jessy, though you were gonna cancel your Brazzers membership in Nov?

Jessy, really? How many times have you and your pals been accused of beating up women? Truly, are you so jealous of Markus you’re willing to overlook your own arrests?

Gee Jessy, you speak 3 languages? you know Canadian isn’t a language? And whomever is running this account sure is privy to a lot of your personal info… Hmm.

Wow Jessy, you sound sad 🙁  Your better days are behind you, its pretty much downhill for you now. You and Billy will have to fight for the 6th spot in a Devil’s blowbang.  When that dries up, crossover work, trans scenes, full spectrum of porn…

LOL  Jessy, we both know what would happen to you if you stepped to Payaso.

Yea I know Jessy, I’m wrong and this account isn’t you.


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