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Women Divorces Husband Because He’s “Too Big”

Woman Divorces Husband for Huge Penis

If you want to insult a man in one minute you know what to say. The classic line “well, you have a small dick” never gets old, but apparently that isn’t always the case. HuffPost Live covers a story about a woman in Nigeria who divorced her husband because he was too big.

Prior to marriage, she never thought to check out the bulge under his pants, and was in for a huge surprise on honey moon night when it came time to consummate the marriage.

For most women this might be a great plus for a pre-arranged marriage, but this one was a no go. The husband never spoke up and denied the claims that his penis was too big… because, really, what man would?The husband gets a pretty sweet deal too, in exchange for a divorce he got to keep the dowry, gain some wide spread attention and he gets to live the bachelor life.

The moral of this news story is that you probably shouldn’t click any Ron Jeremy ads if you’re looking for a Russian mail order bride.

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