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“Women in Adult” Back With Bi-Weekly Clubhouse Chat

“Women in Adult” is proud to announce their bi-weekly Clubhouse Chat with hosts Leah and Vanessa is back from hiatus and will continue exploring a variety of relatable topics specific to women who work within the adult industry.

The mission of Women in Adult is to connect with the community through honest, real, and relatable conversations. Everyone is involved in learning from, support and relate to one another by sharing experiences. These conversations also give listeners from outside the adult industry a better understanding of the inner workings of the adult space and the people in it. “Women in Adult” bi-weekly Clubhouse Chat will take place on Thursdays at 6 pm PDT.

“We are back, and I am excited to get back to having talks with a purpose! We have some exciting topics of discussion and amazing guests lined up this week! We also want to continue talking about relevant topics, so if there is a topic on your mind that you want us to discuss, whether work-related or something that’d be relatable to our community, please hit up Vanessa or me with your ideas” said Leah Mahi, Co-host.

Tonight’s “Women in Adult” bi-weekly Clubhouse Chat topic is “Finding Purpose in Porn.” Hosts Leah Mahi and Vanessa Eve will be joined by a superstar lineup of guests, including Allie Awesome, Melrose Michaels (SexworkCEO/NetWorthy), Noah Bensi, and Sofia Rose. In this chat, the panel will discuss the path to building a meaningful career and finding fulfillment in their work through intentionality, passion, and purpose. To join tonight’s conversation on Clubhouse, use the following link You can also participate by finding the host’s profiles; Leah Mahi is, and Vanessa Eve is

“The afternoon before our last Clubhouse chat, my dad had unexpectedly passed away. You can never prepare yourself to receive news like that, so I just folded. I feel fortunate that all of the ladies rallied to show their support during that difficult moment. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Lotus Lain for stepping in as a last-minute host and Leah for being my rock.” said Vanessa Eve, Co-host. “I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things tonight with these discussions about real-life topics that matter to us as individuals and as members of the adult community. It’s relatable conversations like these that have validated just how important having a support system of people who can relate to what you’re going through really is. Thursday’s topic, ‘Finding Purpose in Porn,’ will explore how we’ve tapped into our passions to find purpose in our work. This conversation is essential right now as we emerge from the throes of a pandemic- when everyone was pondering their life path at one point or another.

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