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Women Who Give Your Mind A Hard-On

Luca Eisenstein posts:

“It’s interesting how many people frequent this site and who appear to have absolutely nothing but contempt for women in general, and for porn stars in particular.”

Absolutely incorrect! XXXPT is a place where intelligent,smart women with a good sense of humour get lauded and praised on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, most women and men in porn are neither smart nor funny, at least when you look at the “talent”. They make a decent living with their bodies because, let’s face it, they just couldn’t do it with their brains. They should focus on delivering good scenes and being nice to look at in general.

But instead they’re trying to come off as “thinkers” and hence commit outrageous acts of douchebaggery, exacerbated by their mostly non -existing grasp on reality. And earn the adequate and appropriate reactions…

The simple fact that a woman’s looks can give my penis an erection does not make her worthy of my intellectual worship. Giving my mind a “hard-on” does!

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