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Woodrocket Teams Up with HipHop Legend Kool Keith

From the mad genius behind Dr. Octagon & the weird minds behind SpongeKnob SquareNuts, comes the sexiest collaboration of all time! Kool Keith and WoodRocket are proud to present Sex Style Adult Coloring Book.

Sex Style Adult Coloring Book is an illustrated ode to the down & dirty songs on Kool Keith’s 1997 classic album, Sex Style. And who better to help rapper Kool Keith turn Sex Style into Sex Style Adult Coloring Book than the masters of Adult parodies and Adult products, WoodRocket.

“I always wanted to drop a video for Sex Style, but the WoodRocket partnership helped bring visuals that old and new fans can keep,” says Kool Keith.

WoodRocket’s Lee Roy Myers adds, “Kool Keith is a f*cking legend! And like a lot of Kool Keith fans, Sex Style is one of my favorite albums. It’s funny and it’s filthy. And so it is an absolute honor for WoodRocket to work with Kool Keith and to publish the funniest and filthiest Sex Style book imaginable. Sex Style Adult Coloring Book is f*cking great!”

Sex Style Adult Coloring Book is based on the legendary pornocore album by Kool Keith. It was illustrated by artist, DAM. And published by WoodRocket.

Sex Style Adult Coloring Book is in stores now.

Check it out:

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