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“World’s Sexiest Thief”

21-year-old Canadian cat burglar Stéphanie Beaudoin is blowing up the Internet. Pictures of the thief have recently surfaced, and damn is she beautiful.

Not only is Beaudoin a pretty face, she was the brains behind 42 brake-ins in Victoriaville, Canada. Stéphanie broke into the houses using back doors and basement windows, with the help of three teens. These crimes were added to the 108 counts filled against her last August. She is also accused of stealing and illegally owning nine firearms.

This small-time criminal made international news when a photo of her in a bikini was posted in the Montreal Journal, dubbing Beaudoin the newest “world’s sexiest criminal.”

Once we saw this story, had to make an offer – I mean who doesn’t what to see this beauty in a porno. That’s right, we are offering Stéphanie Beaudoin a $100k porn contract – only if that money goes to help reimburse her victims. What do you say, Stéphanie?





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