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WOW Looks like Ty Gonty is Selling off Everything & Taking off

Is this HellHouse Media’s Ty Gonty? The guy who owes money to SOOO many people?

There is a certain Tyler Ray, who happens to be from Washington State, who writes messages to a person with the last name Gonty, who has a long redhaired wife, and who is pitching a reality show where he sells everything he owns and jumps in a RV to tour the world. Hmmm, could it be? Check out the website  Here is a new myspace page touting the trip

Here is the picture on the facebook page

Here is the info from their front page of the website …

Tyler – Tyler is a 30yr old media producer and entrepreneur born and raised in the Seattle, WA area. Fed up with the rat race, economic woes, and the cost of living a stationary lifestyle, he’s decided to pack up and hit the road with his wife and his best friend while attempting to  handle his business responsibilities virtually from the road.

Kristin – Kristin is a 23yr old model and housewife from Vancouver, BC. She is married to Tyler, has no children, and is ready to open the door to new experiences.
Shane – Shane is a 34yr old construction manager from Southern California. After recently moving to the Seattle area, he decided to join his old friend and his friend’s wife on their road trip. He will be taking on the task of driving, as well as handling any mechanical issues that arise along the way.

This is a road trip with an indefinite end, and no real destination. The goal of this trip is to experience new things, meet new people, and get a glimpse of different lifestyles, while documenting every step of the way.

There’s many reasons for doing this. We want to change our lifestyle, we want to see new things, and we want to free ourselves from the binds of the daily rat race. Really though, we are doing this for one big reason: Because we don’t want this to be one of those ideas where we go through life wondering what would’ve happened if we had done it. We’d rather do it, gain the experience, and revel in the new memories we create.

We will be starting out from the Seattle area, heading east towards the Cascade Mountains, then slowly working our way north towards Canada. From there, our path is anyone’s guess. We will let the road lead the way.


NL- If this guy owed me money, I’d be finding a judge who would give me an order that didn’t allow Ty to leave Washington state….

I’ve been covering this story for more than a year now. I get off the record emails from Hell House’s staff, investors, previous employees etc… that give me information. None have them have wanted to mention their names and tell their personal stories because they thought they still had a chance of getting some of the money back. Some are owed 10 or 20 thousand dollars. I think it’s pretty clear now, with this newest revelation that they won’t be getting paid by Ty, so I hope they will come out now and tell what they have been through.

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