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Wrap up interview with 3PM-Personal Info-part 3

3PM Taiwanese Webmaster- interview- part three

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Why did you start writing your own adult website?
It could be a long story, anyway, the short version is here: I kind of started randomly and more seriously writing about porn since early 2004 on a telnet based bulletin board system (BBS) in Taiwan – kkcity, and eventually the it gained too much attention form the police (from other activities on the site, not related to me) that I started on another BBS – PTT (since late 2005 and I still go there regularly). Throughout all these years, I was sort of active on these two BBSs, but unfortunately some people started to copy my writings without permission and used that as their own. I was annoyed but it did not happen too often that I ignored it until April 2007. One thing lead to another, in a bad way, that I decided to open up my own blog and naively thinking that this might help to reduce this situation. Little did I know that it just make people easier to make copy from my blog. Now I am still angry about people doing this, but there is nothing much I can do. I just keep writing for my own interest. And of course I am the one who is getting recognition from people like you, Cindi, and that mean something and make me feel a whole lot better. Now I could keep on writing about this industry.

Is this a money making venture or a hobby?
As I mentioned above that I started my blog just to have a legitimate web space for all my writings. Making money is nice, but that is not my prime objective and thus far I made zero from all my effort in maintaining my blog……

What it the weirdest thing that ever happened to you because of your website?
Nothing too weird really happened to me actually. I suppose I kind of keep my identity secret enough that my family does not know I write about porn. Also, I am only a bystander (from the other side of the Pacific Ocean), and have no direct contact with the real adult industry (now I kind of do through your site, I guess). I only provide my writing about certain issue/porn star/movie/subject that I find interesting. I got to say that I did not have too much first hand experience with this industry at all, which in a way I kind of like my position that I can observe and discuss porn in a more objective way. I wish I can get more up close and personal about the adult industry, but for now, I am okay with where I am.

Who are your favorite porn stars? What are your favorite movies?
As I told you before, personally I enjoy the young, fresh looking porn stars with blonde hair (bleach blonde may be okay too, depends on the overall look), slimmer slender body, natural small to medium breasts (bad boob job is definitely a turn off),  no to very little  tattoo/piercing , and nice long legs/feet. It is circular and redundant, but “cute girls are very pretty”. I guess, in general, the barely legal category is more appealing to me. A couple years back, I like Alyssa (Ukrainian) and Keri Sable, though the latter was a blench blonde, a lot, but they both left this industry at their career peak, that’s kind of sad to see as an audience, but I do wish them both for the best. I also like Lena Nicole (Erika in “A sperm load a day #1” and “Jailbait #3” was smoking hot!), yet she is not doing any b/g anymore. Teagan Presley is nice too, though I think recently she is getting a bit too crazy about all the new tattoos. Anyway, when I first started my blog, I compiled the following porn stars – Carmen Luvana, Samantha Ryan, Keri Sable, Lacie Heart, Ashlynn Brooke, Wiska, Sandra Kalerman, Mary Anne, Bree Olson, Cherry Jul, Mackenzee Miles, and Mia Stone – to make a banner thingy on my blog, that should give you a better idea about my liking. Recently, I find Riley Steele really catches my eyes, isn’t she gorgeous or something? Sadly, she had a boob job that was too big and started to look too much like Jesse Jane (I like Jesse, just not ready for a body double), and that’s a small minus for me. A couple other raising stars that I think will make it big are Tori Black and Madison Ivy, though they are not blonde, Tori is stunningly beautiful and Madison is so cute and tiny (it doesn’t matter she is blonde or black hair) that you just wanna give her a big hug, not to mention that they both perform with high sexual energy and seem genuinely enjoying every second in their scenes.

American porn industry is so dominant today that probably at least more than half of the western porn movies out there are American porn. Since I am mostly watching and following western porn now, I must say I watch a lot of American porn. Even though I do enjoy watching European productions such as Marc Dorcel, Private, Harmony, and Club Seventeen to name a few. And thanks to their effort, it is nice to see so many hot, young eastern European girls would give this industry a try.

Thanks again for the interview.

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