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Writer, theatrical and TV producer Jessica Holter to Moderate #SexTalkTuesday on Tuesday January 3

The wonderfully witty and edgy writer and producer Jessica Holter is slated to serve as guest moderator of #SexTalkTuesday on Tuesday January 3 at 3pm EST, the Twitter-based show announced today.

“Jessica is a brilliant person to lead a #SexTalkTuesday discussion,” said Angie Rowntree, owner of and producer of #SexTalkTuesday. “She’s incredibly witty, candid, and outgoing – and she tackles those topics people would rather avoid.”

Jessica Holter is the creator of “The Punany Poets,” the longest running theatrical program of its kind. The shows are a blend of theatrics, music, dance, comedy, and audience interaction, with lush literary works that stimulate and educate – all brought to life on stage. “The Punany Poets” has aired on HBO, Playboy TV, BET, and Cinemax.


The multi-talented Ms. Holter is also an author and advocate for sexual health who conceived the idea to publish a book about sex and HIV after the death of Eric “Easy E” Wright of AIDS in 1995.

A former foster child and molestation survivor, Holter says she gave up plans to preach in the Baptist Church after she was raped at age 15. “I went to school, did some healing and some growing and some forgiving, then all my gifts came together to create this beautiful project – this beautiful Punany project. There is pain and disease hiding in the darkness of sexual secrecy. Punany is sex with the lights on. My shows are a safe place for lust and love to play together.”

A fun and provocative Twitter-based chat, #SexTalkTuesday is hosted and produced by, the web’s premier erotic site for women and couples. During each show, a guest moderator asks thought-provoking questions to a large and active group of participants. The result is a lively and entertaining discussion that invites participants to be open and candid with their thoughts and opinions on sex, life, love, and the humor of it all – in a way that fosters a supportive and compassionate environment for the conversation.

To join the discussion, go to and use the #SexTalkTuesday hash tag during the show. Please remember #SexTalkTuesday will be at a special day and time – Tuesday January 3 starting at 3 pm EST.

For more information on Jessica Holter (@JessicaHolter), please visit For more information about “The Punany Poets,” please visit For more information about (@ssshforwomen) or #SexTalkTuesday, please email Angie Rowntree (@AngieRowntree) at [email protected].

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