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Writing A Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide?

The Autoblow A.I.’s launch blew up the Internet in 2019 on websites like Vice, Engadget and Menshealth and was even talked about in more than 25,000 Facebook comments on Ozzy Man and 9gag! After setting a record as the highest crowdfunded male sex toy in history, the Autoblow A.I began shipping to the public in October of 2019 from

The team behind the device used machine learning to analyze a dataset of a 1000 hours of blowjob videos to discover 16 movements that are the building blocks of blowjobs. Nine of the machine’s modes deliver blowjobs using real life techniques learned from the films while the 10th mode combines the techniques in different ways every time it is selected so that users never have to suffer through the same blowjob twice. There’s even an edging mode that allows men to pause and un-pause blowjobs to help with premature ejaculation.

Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan said, “I encourage men this Valentine’s Day to focus on themselves and find solace in the comfort of our device that delivers pleasure on demand without expectations. I encourage women this Valentine’s Day to embrace their male partner’s masturbation as the healthy and normal activity it is and help them liven up their routine with one of our blowjob machines.”

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