WWE legend turned pornstar Sunny arrested

WWE legend and pornstar Sunny has been arrested in New Jersey. TMZ broke the news on Saturday after the police named her a ‘fugitive of justice’ and now she could spend up to five years in the coolers. According to the police, Sunny, real name Tammy Stych was arrested on contempt of court charges.

The WWE Hall Of Fame inductee is facing up to six charges of contempt-disobedience/resistance. According to the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, she is currently held on a £1,800 bond after police apprehended her in Aberdeen. While circumstances leading to her arrest are not immediately clear, reports by police indicate that her charges are related to not appearing before the court on two separate occasions in different jurisdictions. Her bond was set at $6,000 and recent activity on her Instagram account suggests that she has bonded out.

It is not the first time that the 45-year-old is having a run-in with law enforcers.

Previous arrest record

Stych has been arrested on different occasions before. In 2012, she was repeatedly arrested in Connecticut on domestic violence charges. She has been in lock up and rehabbed severally ever since. Between 2015 and 2016, she was arrested four times and pleaded guilty to three charges of DUI (driving under the influence) after she had completed an initial rehab program. She had initially been sentenced to 97 days in prison before presiding Judge Joseph T. Matika gave her credit for 95 days in rehab and two days in jail. She was however lucky not to spend a single day in prison on that occasion as she was released with a warning that any violation of her probation would have serious consequences.

It is like she failed to take the warning seriously as just 18 days later, she appeared in court again over several vehicular charges which included driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle, operating a car without insurance, and having license plates displayed that did not belong to her. She was second time lucky as prosecutors dropped the more serious charges of receiving stolen property. As part of an agreement with prosecutors, she was fined $1,496.45 while charges of dishonest use or removal of registered license plates were also dropped.

That was not her final encounter with the law either. On February 2017, she was paroled from Carbon County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania after agreeing to attend a WWE-sponsored rehab. The conditions for her release included orders to report directly to the in-patient drug rehabilitation center, successfully complete any aftercare recommendations and report to the probation office upon completion. She was as well ordered to perform 75 hours of community service and outlined that she would have a “zero-tolerance” threshold for possession or consumption of alcohol and non-prescribed medication. That rule also applied for any missed urine screenings without a legitimate excuse.

The release order also indicated that any failure to adhere to the orders by the judge would see a petition filed against her parole, something that indeed happened on Aug. 22, 2017. An arrest warrant was issued the following day, and although the incident was kept off the public’s radar, the circumstances surrounding the revocation of her parole remain unclear. Her court records, however, indicate that she could face up to five years in prison- based on the initial verdict against her, which the court could opt to impose- and any other additional penalties. It appears the retired wrestler could be in for a very rough 2018.

WWE’s first diva

As Sunny, Sytch rose to prominence in the 1990s following her rise as a wrestling stardom. She refers to herself as the original WWE’s first diva. This culminated with her induction at the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011, despite her last contract with WWE being in 1998. During her time at WWE, she managed three World Tag Team Championships teams, was crowned AOL’s most downloaded woman of 1996 and also received a wrestling award called Slammy twice. She recently posted a throwback photo of her induction ceremony on Instagram with the caption, ‘Life is crazy when you are living your dreams, am I right?’  The fuck you are, Sunny.

Porn career and more controversy

Following her career at the WWE, she has since forged another successful career in the adult entertainment industry. Apart from starring in one porn film Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor, she offers her own webcam sessions on Skype.

That has gotten her into more controversy. At one time, she was embroiled in a Twitter exchange with a follower after the follower responded to her tweet regarding comments he had made several years ago. The follower in question was a man who had tweeted that he didn’t follow her because “I am a half black man and in an interview you said you don’t like us.”

In response, she wrote, “I’m not racist. Just because I’m not physically or sexually attracted to black people doesn’t make me racist. I’m not attracted to Asians too.”

This was in reference to an interview she had done in 2012 where she refused to be an on-screen couple with African American wrestler Farooq, real name Ron Simmons, and hit back at rumors she slept with him and another black wrestler Ahmed Johnson.

She said: “What is with the black men?” Send a white man my way, not that I am racial in any way shape or form, but I just don’t do that.”

Later in the interview, she claimed that “black athletes love me” due to her “blonde hair, the boobs, and the butt.”

Sunny then lists some names before saying: “I don’t get any white guys, it’s all the black guys.”

Final words

What a start of 2018 for Sunny. All we can do is hope that she doesn’t get a lengthier time behind bars since she seems to have exhausted all her escape options.

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