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XBIZ Ambassador Colin Rowntree Isn’t Very Ambassador Like

The other day, I was hammering out local XBIZ drunk Colin Rowntree,  some of you know him as the guy who doesn’t pay his porn bills, others know him as an “XBIZ Ambassador.”

What’s an Ambassador you ask?

An Ambassador role means that you were hired to represent a brand in a positive light.

So after I start hammering him out for being disrespectful to one of my friends, the White label beer aficionado goes to TRPWL, and pulls some Ginger Banks links…

Why would XBIZ Ambassador Colin Rowntree do that?

He’s supposed to be an XBIZ Ambassador. But like a true bitch, he tried to rile me up by bringing up Ginger “Cunt Bag” Banks. Then attempted to reach out to her, which lead to her either being banned or quitting XBIZ.

colin rowntree

What kind of fucking pussy brings someone else into their battle, and, has to get a chick to come fight his battles?

Have none of you learned anything about us at TRPWL, I’ll take all you mutherfuckers on at once. That includes the wanna be Mafiosi over at XBIZ and any alleged rapists on the payroll…

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