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Xbiz Sponsor PornHub Cause for Debate

NL- There is a really interesting thread on The Xbiz Forum started by Kelli. it’s a tough situation for Xbiz & others, do you do what you think it morally right?

or what is monetarily right for your company? . Here’s a part…

Kelli writes-

I was very shocked today to open my email to find that the XBIZ Summit 2012 is being sponsored in part by PornHub and not only that but they are hosting “1st-Ever Content Partner Program Worship”.
PornHub is being described as a Platinum Sponsor.
Even more surprising to me is that nobody, not a single person made mention of it here on these boards.
Are we all just going to turn a blind eye and pretend like everything is fabulous over there at theft land … I mean PornHub?
Are we going to pretend like they aren’t still posting videos they don’t have the right to and even more so, showing those videos to the members of their paysites?
Are we going to pretend like they aren’t making money selling advertising space off of videos YOU own and they don’t have the rights to?
Okay then … just checking.

Oh and just to be clear, here is a post I found on another site about the Manwin owned ILLEGAL tube sites —-

xxxjay says – DMCA’ed just today…thanks Nate Glass :

The following works are the copyrighted property of OCCash:…key=1084301234 ……..

(NL- I’ve cut this to one, but the list is much longer on the thread)

This list is much longer but I think by now you’ve more than gotten my point. XBIZ IS TAKING MONEY FROM AN ILLEGAL TUBE SITE


Alec Helmy Responds- Kelli,

I appreciate you holding XBIZ to a higher standard than other outlets that have made the same decision.

Believe it or not, in the past year alone, XBIZ has forgone a multi-six figure sum by declining advertising from certain parties in consideration of the adult business community and the FSC, which we rely on the most for guidance.

The basis for this particular decision came down to the company’s preexisting working relationship with the FSC.

Just so everyone is clear, I do care about what is being said in here.

Over the weekend, I had several correspondences about this thread with Diane Duke of the FSC.

For those of you who do not know, PornHub AND the content owner (in Kelli’s post) are active participants in FSC’s APAP program which utilizes Vobile.

I was informed that the content owner had either not fingerprinted their content (or not done so correctly).

Diane has been in touch with the content owner to straighten out this particular situation.

Whether any content owner should have to go through the hassle (and cost) of fingerprinting their content is a whole separate debate.


You can read more here-

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