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XPT Poster Karma’s Fist Needs To Face The Change

Gia Jordan writes:

1) Dude, it’s about high time you get an avatar. The frog/broken link image…ok, we get it. Irony ha ha funny. Move on.

2) LESS IS MORE!!!! (Throw some Mies on dat bitch.) It’s like you’re trying to one-up Burg, only Burg’s got entertainment and a knack for vivid language. Your shit makes me nod off like Layne Staley on his death bed.

3) Stop capitalizing random words mid-sentence. I never saw that shit til I entered porn and even then I thought, “Wow, there sure are a lot of Germans in porn.” That’s how the German language rolls. In America, it just means you’re a Lori Lust publicist.

I hope your house gets robbed.

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