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XRCO Update- Trophy Girl & Hosts

 Chanel Preston is going to be one of the XRCO trophy girls. “Before shooting my first scene, I thought long and hard about how competitive this industry is,” says Chanel. “There are tons of beautiful girls joining adult entertainment all the time, which makes XRCO’s selection of me as a trophy girl an even bigger honor. I’m excited for the opportunity to meet my peers at the show and hope next year I might be nominated for a few awards myself.”

If you want to attend the XRCO Awards you have to be a member of the adult industry. This is an industry only event.

THE 26th ANNUAL XRCO AWARDS SHOW (honoring 2009 releases) WILL BE HELD ON 4-29-10
for the 3rd year in a row at THE HIGHLANDS NIGHTCLUB


I am so honored to be chosen as one of the hostesses,” says Nikki. “On a night where the top journalists in our industry honor the very best, I get to be right in the middle of it!”

“XRCO was the first event I ever attended in the Industry, to now be hosting; momentous!” exclaims an excited Lisa Ann. “Getting to do anything with Nikki Benz is totally awesome and Sean Michaels will make us look so amazing! See you there!!!”


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