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XXXMed Has Some Questions… For Diane Duke

OP/ED by xxxmed

XXXMed has some questions…

Members of the adult industry, including Nina Hartley, Steve Hirsch, Stuart Waldman, Jeffrey Douglas, Diane Duke, and James Lee had a meeting with editors of the Los Angeles Times.   After this meeting the TImes wrote an op/ed opposing Measure B.
  In that editorial, it is written,”Few, if any, performers ‘date’ outside the industry.(Yes, the LA Times put ‘date’ in quotes, I guess they couldn’t write ‘fuck.’) This leave an obvious question,  Where did the LA Times get this  bit of false information from? Did they get it from Diane Duke, Nina Hartley, James Lee?
 The No On B committee has made many claims  of false information coming from the AHF.   It looks like the FSC, Diane Duke, James Lee, and Nina Hartley have decided that making false claims is the best way to get endorsements. How do all of these std’s come from outside the industry if only a few, if any, performers ‘date’ outside the industry?
Does Nina Hartley really think that few, if any, performers date outside the industry? Does Diane Duke believe this? Does James Lee believe this?  Does Dr. Miao believe this? Does anybody in the industry believe this? Is this what the industry has to do to get support for No On B? 
  If you truly believe you are on the right side of an issue you do not need to blatantly lie to make your case.  Once you get caught in one lie it makes everything else you say suspect, as any good lawyer will tell you, isn’t that right Diane?

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