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XXXMed on Diane Duke

Op/Ed by XXXMed

Diane Duke is quoted on Aug 22  “We’ve talked to the nations utmost expert on syphilis. So we’ve been pulling all the experts, the great minds.” Then on Aug 29 she says,” After continues and exhaustive research,APHSS doctors have discovered a new test for syphilis;  Treponemal EIA”
The Trep-Sure test has been around for several years. The change in the testing algorithm has been widely accepted for several years also.  Makes me wonder about the ‘utmost syphilis expert’ who didn’t even know this. And it also makes me wonder where they actually got the information about Trep-Sure, and the acceptable change in the testing algorithm.
Phoenix Biotech actually has several versions of this test available, Trep Sure, Trep Check, and Trep ID.      Studies indicate that the Trep ID has a better specificity and sensitivity. “Compared to a ‘consensus of the test panel'(defined as at least 4 of 7 trepoonemal tests being in agreement) the percentage ranged from 95.7% for Trep-Sure to 99.3% for Trep ID.   Maybe Ms. Duke would like to share this information with the ‘utmost expert on syphilis.’


One would think that the utmost expert would be aware of this.

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