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XXXMed on STD Study & “No on B”s Response


After reading the No On B response to the latest STD study it is obvious that nobody actually took the time to read the study.
First, this is a new study, it has never been published before. Mr. Lee also states in his press release that the name of the clinic is not even in the report. Again, completely false, it is on the first page. Mr. Lee then attacks the scientific methods of gathering information, again referring to an old study that has nothing to do with this study. This study used the widely accepted method of ‘consecutive sampling, which meant that every person who fits the criteria of the study is allowed to participate. The criteria to be in this study was to have worked in the adult industry within the last 12 months, and the breakdown is written right there in the report, something that obviously nobody at No On B bothered to read. Mr Lee then again makes reference to an old study, in which he claimed that members of the general public, and people taking their first tests to get into the industry were included.  The vast majority used in this study had more than two years in the industry, and about 25% of them had 8+ years in the adult film industry. Each participant filled out an extensive questionnaire, which also showed some interesting findings. One being that out of the 168 participants, only 8 said they always use condoms off set, and 38 said they never use condoms off set, the rest said they sometimes use them.

  Forty seven of the 168 participants tested positive(28%) and of those 47, 30 were female and 17 male.   Among the 30 positive females, 25 of them were positive in more than one anatomical site, 18 of them testing positive in the oral, rectal, and vaginal anatomical sites. It is noted that if they had been tested using only the industry standard test, 60% of all the infections, male and female, would have been missed, and that is happening right now with the current, inadequate industry testing every single day.

  In his criticism of what he thought was this study, Mr.Lee chastises that report because it contained first time testers, and members of the general public, then in the same paragraph appears to say that this isn’t valid because it doesn’t include everyone who tested at the facility, again which he wrongly assumes is AIM.  There is no confusion in this study, it is all active working performers in the adult industry.  It was also noted that 90% of the females who tested positive rectally and orally, were showing no sign or symptoms of infection in the those areas.   It was also surprising to see that the majority of infections were gonorrhea in the rectal and oral cavities.

  For so long performers have been told that they are safer because of the testing , but the lack of oral and rectal testing  is surely leading to a false sense of security. To every single female performer, go and get tested now, right now, and have them swab your throat and rectum. You can have this disease for a long time and not know it.
James Lee is repeating the industry line about being tested and therefore being safe.   Actually, the testing program, if the industry would ever bother to share the results with the performers is proof of how unsafe the industry is.  You can say “we are the most tested workforce in the world”  but when you refuse to divulge the results of those tests, well, that speaks for itself.
  Either Mr. Lee is being dishonest, or he simply didn’t read the report. If he is willing to say such blatantly false, and easily refutable things like, ‘they don’t even name the clinic'(its on the first page), it included first time testers and members of the general public(it only used currently active performers), and that this study lacked scientific methodologies(they are completely explained right in the report, under Methods,on the first page), then what else do you think he may be less than honest about?

  And you will take note that James Lee has never used the words Hepatitis C, or HPV.  I wonder if APHSS is going to adopt throat and rectal testing after seeing this report? Performers, especially female performers should demand it, and if they refuse to make it part of the monthly testing, then do it yourself, and when you get on set demand to see the oral and rectal tests, after all, its your choice.  The industry claims to have mandatory testing, it’s just they don’t want you to do too much testing, that would be bad for business, and cut into profits.
This study used widely accepted scientific methods, and was designed to look specifically at members of the adult industry, so there was no confusion about a mixture of other data.  Mr Lee also states “is not a scientifically valid study since there is no representative control baseline study.”  Of course he was referring to a different study that had nothing to do with this one.  Again, completely false, and it is right in the report, read it for yourself Mr. Lee. I find it funny that nobody at FSC even noticed one of the names on the top of the very first page, Dr. Robert Rigg, which begs another question, why are so many performers, veteran performers, going to Dr. Rigg when they have stds?  Is it so they can get tested and treated, but keep right on working with their clean AIM test?  I wonder if James Lee even knows about West Oaks Urgent Care, and its relationship with the industry? Obviously not, but can you blame him? He gets his information from the FSC.
Ladies PLEASE, make the right choice and get completely tested. When you go to the gas station you don’t just check the air pressure in one tire and then say everything is ok do you?  So why would you not test for these  stds in the throat and rectum? With all of the oral and anal sex  it makes no sense, to not have these areas tested, choose common sense and protect yourself, don’t count on James Lee or the FSC to look out for you, they are looking out for the producers, and their own pocketbooks. To them you are disposable, and easily replaced. Producers fund the FSC. Producers are the first and foremost concern for the FSC, and rightfully so, that is where their money comes from.  There is nobody, except yourself, in this industry who has your best interest first and foremost, nobody!!!
Read it for yourself, and don’t rely on a hired political gun who was hired to protect the interest of the producers.

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