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XXXWATW- Boxcover/Ad Design- part 6

Ron West of Boxcover, Inc.


Ron calls me to tell me that he sat down with Amber Lynn to help in any way he could with the project. The first thing they had to get done was an ad for AVN magazine. AVN had generously donated a page to the project, but the deadline was short. XXXWRTW did not yet have art work, pictures, or a boxcover.

So they used what they had available to get the ad done quickly, and what they had was Amber. It was Ron’s art work that is used for the ad. That mock-up was never planned to be the boxcover for the movie. Ideas for the actual boxcover were still being tossed around. Ron says Amber certainly doesn’t need to be more famous. She stepped up to the plate to take on this monumentous task,  with the idea that everyone could work together to support a worthy cause and raise money for Ron Sullivan.





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