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XXXWATW- On Set Report

Tara provided and served the food and drink for the XXX We Are the World Shoot.  Here is her first hand report from on the set. (I cut it down and merged her two stories.  You can read it in full on her site)

by Tara of FPSP
Here is my observation regarding Anna Mills being kicked off the set.  Brian Sebastian didn’t have any authorization to allow Anna Mills into the back area during the shoot.  Anna was told several times to stop going back there. The way she was thrown off set was nasty, cruel, and horrible.

There was another set where Anna could have put her stuff, but I think she wanted it close by where she could keep an eye on it. I don’t know anything about her not being able to take a shower, but I do know that Amber was very control freak about everything. At one point late at night, the crew wanted coffee, but I was told by Amber not to run the coffee maker, because she didn’t want it making noise.

Brian himself was screamed at by Amber Lynn for going into the back area to get a soda out of the fridge. She made him get his backpack and they screamed in each other’s faces in front of the fridge with him even calling Amber by her real name. That seemed to make her back off and he put his backpack down and got a soda out the fridge. The fridge was running warm and as a result, the sodas were not cold, so I suggested he get one of the sodas I had packed in a giant bowl of ice and he flipped out on me, screaming,’I’m trying to get a soda for a diabetic girl.’

I was too stunned to even reply.

A volunteer PA was thrown off set, because he asked Amber to stop screaming at him. She told him she did not like his attitude.

Whenever she needed a PA on set, she’d scream,’Can I get a PA?,’ in a loud voice, instead of going up to a PA and asking nicely if they could do a task.

At the end of day one, she exploded because the crew did not wait to eat the pizzas I provided for dinner (they were hungry). In between moving from one set to another, they had come by the kitchen to grab a bite to eat (it was very late). Amber had said she did not want them eating until filming was finished, but I had bought the pizzas for them and didn’t see anything wrong with them taking in sustenance, since they were not being paid in cold, hard cash. If you are not paying a film crew, you can at least feed them well. I bought water, soda, trail mix, donuts, cupcakes, a huge meat tray from Togo, bread, peanut buttter and jelly, M&Ms, strawberries, grapes, fruit plates, bagels, coffee, creamer, pretzels, and other snacks for the unpaid crew to eat and feel nourished during the long shoot.

The only person thrown off set who deserved it was Jeremy Steele and that is because he tweaked Stephanie Swift’s nipple uninvited as she was changing.

Whenever she needed a PA on set, she’d scream,’Can I get a PA?,’ in a loud voice, instead of going up to a PA and asking nicely if they could do a task. Overall, her behavior was hard to be around, but everyone wanted to finish the project so that the proceeds could go to Ron.

If you want to help Ron Sullivan in his fight against cancer, Per an email from Ron’s wife, if you’d like to help Ron and Deloras with a donation, please email her personally at [email protected] This is the only way to donate monies to Ron. Any organizations soliciting donations on the behalf of Henri Pachard aka Ron Sullivan are not authorized to do so.

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