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Yes, I got a suicide note also…

I got an email from someone named Brent who told me that Goodbar from The Freak Squad had committed suicide. At first I was very alarmed by this news.

But after talking to many people and being forwarded e-mails that other people had received that were different then mine, and after spending 4 hours last night on twitter talking to various people who worked on The Freak Squad, and after researching Goodbar’s background, I am feeling more like we have a scam on our hands, then a suicide.

Because this is such a delicate issue, I obviously don’t want to be wrong and criticise someone who has mental problems, and possibly did try to commit suicide, I have not said much yet.

Right now I will say that after gathering information I am 90% sure that the suicide is a hoax. But since I am not 100% sure I will keep this quiet for a few more days and continue to do my research.

I’ll have a story up on Monday, whether I have a definitive answer or not. If I still don’t know for sure, I will just give you the details that I have found out and let you decide for yourselves.

If you have anything to add, opinions, or contact info please email it to me at [email protected] I need to be able to email you back, but your name will NOT be used unless you want it to be. Thank you.



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