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Yes Joanna Angel Has More Tats

Joanna is looking great, and is as sweet and friendly as ever. You can see that she has more tatoos currently than she did when the picture behind her was taken. Joanna has been dating James Deen for quite awhile. And when I told her that James was a Twitter snob, ( he never answered me when I sent him messages), she gave me some key words to spark his interest.

A few days and several more messages to James later and still no response. Finally I said something about Joanna in the message and he finally answered me. Seems Joanna had told him what I said, and so now I am on the priviledged list and he has sent me a couple tweets.

Joanna is on twitter also. If you guys haven’t signed up for it yet, it takes 30 seconds. Follow me first, and you can steal a lot of my friends who most happen to be in the industry.

Speaking of tattoos, Joanna has become quite an excellent movie maker, and she has done several flicks about tattoos, here is a link to some of her titles-

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