You Can’t Scare Mia

It’s really hard to know what to truly think about Mia Khalifa. Yes, she was a pornstar for a super short amount of time, but she did really cause a stir in the industry with her hijab porn movie. She quit after making a small number of movies, but she is still always in the spotlight, and was once the top pornstar on Pornhub, an honor held by a select few. She is a proud Lebanese girl and while she is not a practicing Muslim, she is happy to represent her culture in the sexy arena of porn. However, being a hot pornstar who is also somewhat controversial has it’s downsides. Mia says that she has been targeted by the organization known as ISIS which is trying to spread it’s conservative Muslim ideals all over the Middle East, including in Lebanon. Luckily she has not been targeted in person, but she has allegedly been targeted via social media.

She says that people identifying themselves as being from ISIS mocked up terrible photos of bad things happening to her and sent them to her via her social media platforms, however, she feels safe because she is here in the US and she will not let fear win over her fun life. “It does worry me but I try not to show weakness.” Mia explained in one interview online. She went on to say that showing weakness is just what they are looking for and that’s why she won’t let them see it. However, throughout her time in the porn fame, she has been under scrutiny, and she admits it does get to her after a while. However, Mia says that the ISIS threats have actually helped her in a way. She says that now when she gets threats from common people who just don’t like her because she is Lebanese or because she wore the hijab in a porn movie, that those threats don’t scare her anymore. “I’m like, you cannot hurt me. I have ISIS threaten me. You are not scaring me.” She explained online.

Well it seems that Mia will be safe here in America, and she doesn’t have any plans to travel back to Lebanon so she will probably stay safe and avoid the threats to her. As long as she keeps being sexy on social media then we are happy no matter what she does! Even if she does do wacky things like plead online to have her favorite NBA stars’ ratings ameliorated or letting people touch her tits to affect the outcomes of an NBA stars’ rating. She is a true sports fan and as long as she keeps shaking her tits online everyone will be happy.

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