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You Guys Are Killing Me! Lupe…

NL- All my email is ” What is going on with Lupe, Tell us what you think?”  I generally post the news and gossip and let you guys decide what to think of it, this is not any different.  I don’t offer my opinion very often and I am not going to start now….

The internet has gone wild with Lupe speculation, she worked underage, she recriuted children to be in her husbands movies, she falsified IDs

The reason all the sites are pulling Lupe content is that they are afraid that she is (was) underage, or has an underage girl in  her scene. Long story short, we dont need another Traci Lords (spelling fixed TY) situation that makes us pull IDS.

So if you have a Lupe scene, just pull it for now , and then we’ll sort out the details…




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