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You Think I’m a Freak?

Obviously you wouldn’t be the only one, lol. The folks over at have named me Freak of the week. Here’s a bit…

Who is Cindi Loftus- She’s just a girl who likes to write stories.
What is Luke is back? Http:// (LIB) was started by infamous adult industry blogger ( and my friend) Luke Ford. When he decided to get out of this biz , he wanted to sell the site.  Luke had already built up a readership and had controversial commenters. I thought it was a great match for what I wanted to do, and I thought his idea of a site allowing all opinions should continue. I thought it would be a perfect outlet for people in the industry to trade opinions on everything whether it be porn or politics. The site is not for the soft-hearted, and although I consider myself the former, LIB has taught me a lot, and thickened my skin. I am proud to say that the readership has grown quite a bit since I’ve taken over.

There’s a new bio and an interview on me. If you are interested in reading the whole thing you can take a look here-

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