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“You Touch My Junk….”

NL- This sounds like the perfect job for bi-sexual perverts! Be a TSA screener!

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The New Pat-Down

In the past, pat-downs were done with the back of the hand. Now, TSA personnel are turning their hands around. They can use open hands and fingers, and touch anywhere —from the front of the crotch to all the way around to the back.

And the new pat-downs are not only for passengers who refuse the full-body scanners.

TSA spokesman Greg Soule says the new procedure will be performed whenever a traveler sets off traditional metal detectors, wears bulky clothing, or chooses not to remove headwear. Some passengers will also be selected randomly.

The new procedure drew national attention last week when one traveler, John Tyner, refused to submit to the scanner and the new pat-down. He was thrown out of San Diego International Airport and says he was then threatened by TSA personnel with a civil lawsuit and $10,000 fine for leaving.

Tyner recorded the confrontation on his cell phone, and in the process coined a new catch phrase: “If you touch my junk, I’m going to have you arrested.” – John Tyner, air traveler who refused to submit to a pat-down at the San Diego International Airport.

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