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YouPorn Rates Site’s Hottest Animated Characters for National Video Game Day

– YouPorn, the #1 destination of unlimited high-quality free HD porn, is joining in the excitement of National Video Game Day, ranking fans’ 20 most popular female gaming characters.

YouPorn staffers collected search data from the site’s video game parodies, which have become an extremely popular porn genre, according to YouPorn’s VP of Marketing, Brad Burns “because it allows people to see their favorite video game characters in the sexual scenarios they fantasize about.”unnamed

The site’s infographic reveals three sexy standouts: Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series is the definitive gamer Dream Girl, followed by Tracer from Overwatch and Final Fantasy VII’s heroine Tifa Lockhart. Resident Evil’s Ada Wong and Mario Bros. damsel in distress Princess Peach didn’t fare quite as well.

“Searches for video game parodies have risen the last few years mostly due to modern video games reaching near lifelike realism,” said Burns. “Somehow an 8-bit Princess Peach in the ’90s just didn’t seem as attractive as Tracer rendered in 64-bit 3D.”

The staff at YouPorn understand that people love video games as much as they love porn, and demand for both continues to rise at a record-setting pace; whether the characters are brand-new or twenty years old, sex appeal remains timeless.

“2016 has been an amazing year for video game babes,” said Brad Burns, noting that four Overwatch vixens made the Top 20. “But with Lara Croft crushing the search competition, it’s clear that interest in classic video game characters isn’t going away anytime soon.”

Check out the chart below for the full list:

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