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Zango Backs Down To CCBill

Will76 posts: “ccbill’s url will no longer be targeted by zango. It is believed that ccbill was threatening to take legal action against zango and zango wisely backed down and added their url to their exclusion list.
Part of me was hoping Zango would not have complied to ccbill’s request. I would have loved to see ccbill take them on, and take them down. Apparently, Zango isn’t too stupid. Instead of taking on a fight, a fight they very well could lose, they decided to take the easy route out. Zango also knows if they go to court and lose, a precedence would be set. Then all of the smaller companies who can’t afford 100K worth of legal fees would have a much easier time jumping in and sueing zango as well.
It looks like the big guys, if they threaten to sue and get their attornies after zango, will be exempt from being targeted by zango. However, the smaller guy may be ignored. A lawsuit from a small company with a limited budget is exactly what Zango wants, it gives them a better chance to win, which would set a precedence against us and pretty much give Zango a free pass from everyone and future lawsuits. But, it wont hurt for all of you to threaten to sue and at least try to get your name on their exclusion list. You should also contact the FTC and let them know what is happening, which is the other entity that can bring them down.”

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