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Zoe Britton- on Sex, Movies, Dancing, Ron Jeremy- Exclusive Interview-

by Jon


Zoe Britton- Exclusive Interview

Lubbock was the hometown of Buddy Holly. Would you like that one day people say that it was the hometown of Zoe Britton?

Oh jeez! That would be amazing but i am not sure that running around naked and making out with hot girls constitutes that.

You’ve already appeared in a 150 magazines. Do you have a favourite photo shoot that you remember well?

I remember all of them! I love modeling and am lucky enough to have worked with some of the most gorgeous women and most talented photographers in the business. One of my favorites was before i even did hard core girl/girl work. It was with Avery Adams for J. Stephen Hicks. We ended up covered in red wine. A lot of my favorite stills are for web based companies like They are more art-smut than glam-smut. 

Is exotic dancing still the main love of your life?

Dancing will always be where it’s at for me! I do not do it near as much as i would like to anymore. Acting is running a close second! 

You’ve appeared in 39 out of the 50 states already. Would you one day like to say that you’ve danced in them all? Where are you dancing up to Christmas?

I currently have no booking up to Christmas due to a convention in Texas. It would be a dream to have shaked my ass in every state! 

You dance or danced 35 weeks a year. How do you manage to fit in the rest of your professional life? How do you manage to have a personal life?

I have slowed down on the dancing since the porn started but it takes up just as much time. I have and will always make time for the people and things that matter most to me. I have learned that when i get to spend time with friends and/or family to make the most of it and give it all my attention. And, yes, i am still single!

Every female performer has a Ron Jeremy story ready for their autobiography. Ron is the only man you’ve been to bed with on film. What was it like?

Lol!!! You forgot the little person in between us! Ronnie is actually a very sweet and respectful man. We shot some commercials for a company that never really took off. He is one of the funniest people i have ever met and always makes me laugh! 

You’ve worked with Michael Ninn and Richard Avery. Are there other male directors you’d like to work with? 
Does it get better?!

The first real porn i ever did was for Dick for Penthouse Underground called “Drive” and I’ve been in 3 Ninn directed movies. I would honestly love to leave the biz claiming to have worked at least once for every major company’s best directors and would love to do more alt-based stuff. 

When you were interviewed at the AVN Awards in 2009 you said that you wanted to do scenes with Stormy Daniels, Belladonna, Sunny Lane, Stoya and Sasha Grey. Where are you with this ‘to do list?’

I finally got to work with Sunny and i’ve worked for Stormy as a director again. My “to-do” list has grown the more lovely ladies i’ve met in the biz. Avy Scott, Kylie Ireland, Alexis Texas, and my friend Alexa Jordan. 

Why do you like working with companies such as Triangle Films, Sweetheart Video and Abigail Productions?

Female directors, duh! I like the make out sessions and the foreplay they not only want but expect from a scene.

In Girlfriends Films Women Seeking Women 57 you have a scene with Justine Joli. You’ve said she’s your favourite performer to work with. Why?

We have sick chemistry and a personal history. She is a beauty inside and out. I can get lost in her in the moment. The cameras seem to disappear…

Jana Cova loved the scene she just shot with you for Girlfriends. Are there other European performers or directors you’d like to work with?

I love Jana Cova!!! How hot is that girl? Damn! She gave me the biggest compliment after our scene and made me blush. I love working for or with anyone with an accent! lol!!! 

You’re in a new scene with Lexie Belle in Sweetheart Video’s Lesbian Daydreams 3. What was it like working with her? 
Lexi is a very nice girl who genuinely loves sex. She is also a great kisser!

Elexis Monroe , Sweetheart Video’s contract girl, said that you were just her type and really into women. She wants to do more scenes with you. Is there anything in the pipeline?

No plans yet but I will be signing along side her for Sweetheart at AEE/AVN in January. She’s a sexy woman and i can’t wait for another round! 

You used a strap on with Michelle Lay. Would you like to be ‘impaled ‘ by Syd Blakovitch?

Ummm, ABSOLUTELY! I met her on set and she can fuck me any day! 

You’ve worked with Rayveness  who’s now a contract girl for Girlfriends Films. Would you like to be one one day and why?

For the right company and the right contract… 

You’ve said you’d like to write or direct. Have you got any projects in the pipeline?

I wish! When that happens everyone will know because i will be over the moon and won’t be able to shut up about it!

In October you took part in an AIDS Walk. How much money did you manage to raise? Why is this cause important to you?

I raised $500. My godfather actually died from AIDS when i was a teenager and with the industry “AIDS scare” i felt that it was just time to get involved with the cause. I’m proud to say that next year there is already talk of a team walk with Kylie Ireland!

You like taking photos. What else do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a totally foodie and love wine. I love the arts! Dancing, musical performances, art shows, museums always make me happy. I’m also a roller coaster fanatic. Love the adrenaline rush! 

You have a wish list on your site. How many of the things have you found. If there was one item you could have for Christmas what would it be?

I need to make a new one. lol! If I could have one thing for Xmas it would be to find out that i have funding to make a movie!

My website will be relaunched in January with a bunch of hot new video instead of just stills and i couldn’t be happier about it!!!! And there is always twitter!

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